moto guzzi v85 tt review

At 505 pounds wet, the 2020 Moto Guzzi V85 TT Adventure is comparable to the middleweight ADV machines, and it is equipped with a massive 6.1 … Buying experience: Bought from Teasdale Motorcycles who I Can't recomend enough. It isn’t a power hungry dirt destroying machine, but it does make a quality versatile touring rig for those who might need to navigate gravel roads to access your campsite. Long distance comfort, excellent MPG. Final drive seal leakage after 14000 km. There have been recalls and problems none that I will mention but are all on line and none serious, all have been sorted by Motoguzzi. You either need to turn the system off entirely or use it everywhere for the light to leave your view. Motor has more "get up & go" than I was expecting & coming form a pair of DL 650 V-Stroms with similar power #'s & 90,000 km under my butt. You won’t go beating many bikes in the horsepower race with a V85 TT Touring, but then, you’re not meant to. Suspension is fantastic and I don't have any issues with ground clearance. Very well put together and the components appear very robust, not done a Scottish winter on it yet though. Suspension is the domain of 41mm Kayaba inverted forks up front, adjustable for rebound and preload, with the rear an old-school-looking single-shock setup again adjustable for rebound and preload. At 830 mm high, the seat was pretty low and manageable for a dual-sport motorcycle. I still get wind noise but not as much now. First service, not as dear as a Harley but I’m not sure I’ll get the dealer to do the next service, I’m comfortable with servicing bikes so I don’t foresee any problems here. Love the quirky rocking on tickover and the grunty sound when giving it a handful. This is then adjustable with the bike’s tool kit to move in and out, however not up or down. If BMW is known for their boxer twins, Moto Guzzi is known for their transverse air‐cooled V‐twin engines. need 130 km/h+ cruise speeds. Home Reviews Bikes 2020 Moto Guzzi V85 TT – Review In a parking lot full of beaked ADV-style touring bikes, the Moto Guzzi V85 TT Adventure stands out in many of the right ways: an eye-catching paint scheme, a high front fender, classic twin headlights bisected by the Moto Guzzi eagle motif and, of course, that distinctive and all-new “flying” V-twin engine. Neem plaats. I’m a little disappointed the model badged as the Touring doesn’t come with the top box as standard, given the Adventure does. They are very friendly and helpful making the whole experience a pleasure. It’ll hold a line at speed well, but fast changes of direction require some forethought. But no longer. The Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel is a very unusual motorcycle. They claimed it is good off-road, it’s great on the asphalt, and its retro styling and shaft drive make it a different animal to anything else being offered in the mid-size adventure bike market. Not for everyone but brilliant. Tomorrow do you? This price is an estimated as I haven't been able to get a service due to covid 19. The motor doesn’t have an appetite for revs and will produce a claimed 90 percent of its torque below 3750 rpm, making for a relaxed riding experience, to say the least. Moto Guzzi V85 TT – Image by TH It is not an off-road supremo to the level of a GS, or a competitor for the coming more hard-core Tenere 700 Yamaha or the new 790 Adventure from KTM. The bike will be available in dark blue, red or grey as solid colour options, or in a striking two-tone yellow and white, or red and white, reminiscent of 80s Dakar racers. Bought it for fun and tours. 2019 Moto Guzzi V85TT launch review Moto Guzzi's joined the middleweight adventure party with a stellar all-rounder -- the V85TT “Universal, versatile solution” was how Gianluca Fiume, the CEO of Piaggio Asia Pacific, described the all-new Moto Guzzi V85TT at the recent media launch in Thailand. After the running in period is over the bike improves with every 1000Km. #motoguzzi #motoguzziv85ttMoto Guzzi V85 TT Review 2019: Visordown's review of Moto Guzzi's new adventure bike. The cruise is a nice addition. The engine is a transverse V twin it won't set your pants on fire but is more than enough for this kind of motorcycle. All Moto Guzzi V85 TT motorcycle specs. On the undulating mountainous roads of Sardinia, the dash remained visible at all times, adapting to any light conditions, from intense sunshine, to shaded dense treelines and rocky outcrops. Can do the off road stuff well. Being so new, this is difficult to answer. I had the Aluminium box's as standard and they are good. We use cookies and browser activity to improve your experience and personalize both the content and advertising you see. 2020 Moto Guzzi V85 TT Adventure pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Restrictable to be A2-compliant, the charming Euro5-friendly lump rocks from side to side beneath you with a gentle buzz, providing a deep gravelly bark under hard acceleration and boxer-twin GS-like pops and bangs under deceleration. I’m referring to, of course, the Paris-Dakar of old, when it ran from France more… The Guzzi just lets you take it where you want to, without that overbearing sense of responsibility that I always felt with bigger ADV bikes. Quirky engine that sounds grunty when pushed, gentle left-right rock on tickover, marmite looks (I’m a marmite fan), this replaced a Harley tourer so it outperforms that, weighs about 150kg less, has a bigger range, faster and feels just as stable, goes around corners too! The bike does it all with ease and has a real sense of playfulness. Retailing for $13,390, which marks a $400 increase over the Adventure and a $1400 increase over the base model, the Travel gets a glorious Sabbia Namib sand color scheme, fog lights, heated grips, plastic side panniers with aluminum accents (but no top box as you’ll find on the Adventure model), a larger windshield than either the base or the Adventure, and the Moto Guzzi MIA/Smartphone feature that allows you to pair your phone with the bike and use turn-by-turn navigation. Rear brake is not enough. I have no qualms taking this bike offroad even though it weighs the same as my old Africa Twin, which I sold because it carried its weight so badly at low speed. I guess all the weight's down low - very well balanced. However, at £11,099 for the top-spec model, the inclusion of small features like a quickshifter and more adjustment from the screen would be preferable. Isle of Man TT 2018; Isle of Man TT 2019; Isle of Man TT 2020; MotoGP. Engine swap after 9000 km due to excessive oil consumption. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Riding the Moto Guzzi V85 TT. One nice touch is that the button to turn them on is already part of the controls on the right-hand switchgear, rather than having an ugly extra button tacked on. Although sporting two bug-eyed head lamps, the daytime running light can actually be found as an LED strip across the two in the shape of an eagle. For my 5’8” frame, I could easily touch down both boots; the motorcycle has a neutral seating position which allows the rider to eat up the miles. Underpowered motor, that consumes oil on hot days. Then again, I’d align the Touring/Adventure/base model more as street bikes than off-road versions of themselves. The solid colour machine is dressed in more road-biased Metzeler Tourance Next rubber and the more expensive alternative comes with Michelin Anakee Adventures. The dash is good and easy to use. Alongside colours, the bikes have different seat upholstery and different tubed tyres. What? It will do 300 miles on a tank and your happy to do it. Het design zal echt niet iedereen aanspreken, maar dat hier iets bijzonders staat is helemaal duidelijk. The new V85 TT is dedicated to all those bikers who like to point their finger on the map and leave without stopping when the asphalt ends. On the other hand, I quite like the elegant little cruise-control switch on the left handlebar, even if the operation is likewise a little clunky. I put crash bars on it for piece of mind and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of getting this bike. A new Moto Guzzi engine makes its début on the new V7, a close derivative of the one that powers the V85 TT. The 2020 Moto Guzzi V85 TT brings heritage-inspired styling to a new functional high as a versatile commuter and adventure-touring bike. What’s more, they’re also highly intuitive, relying on just a series of quick and prolonged presses. 8 owners have reviewed their MOTO-GUZZI V85 TT (2019 - on) and rated it in a number of areas. The new BMW F850GSA (A stands for Adventure), the Africa Twin Adventure Sports (DCT) and the all-new Moto Guzzi V85 TT. Another annoying trait of the cruise control is when you’re riding with the system turned on but not engaged, a light continually flickers on and off on the dash. That low-slung hunk of Lake Como metal gave me a new appreciation for not just the brand but also the feeling of riding a Moto Guzzi, which is unlike any other major manufacturer. Moto Guzzi produced one of the big hits of last November’s EICMA Milan Show in the shape of its retro-themed V85TT adventure tourer, as in Tutto Terreno, or all-terrain, rather than Tourist Trophy! Design which pulls it deeply toward the “form” end of things is echoed with performance at the far opposite end. Moto Guzzi’s trademark transverse V-twin, with the cylinders splayed out either side of your legs, is obviously what sets them apart. Oil spec is a bit odd, 20w60! What’s more the tubular steel frame and tubing that surrounds the clock housing make the bike feel rugged and capable and you can’t help but feel special when you ride it. It doesn’t follow the rules set by the BMW F850GS and the Honda Africa Twin, yet it feels more comfortable than any retro bike. First bike I have had with Cruise Control, gear & temperature displays & selectable ride modes. Now available in Australia, the 2020 Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel is priced at $21,690 (+ ORCs, $23,590 ride away), which is a $1,000 increase over the standard V85 TT’s list price. The gearshift is smooth, not slick. But no longer. Controlled via an app, the system is designed for riders to take calls and ring people back (when using an intercom) as well as providing directions. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2020 Moto Guzzi V85 TT Adventure use our Build Your Own tool, or … There are plenty of big touring bikes out there, but few offer the sheer joy of riding that a Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel does. The handling is exceptional - very nimble but not flighty, shrugs off pillion and luggage. V85 Tutto Terreno. Outstanding tank capacity. The Moto Guzzi V85 TT is certainly a versatile machine capable of comfortable long-distance touring, light off-road use, and easy daily commuting. A pair of LED spotlights straddling the headlight come included on this Travel. It’s already been a year, hard to believe! In Canada servicing costs are stupid expensive as that $600 cdn is over $450 USD and I hear dealers are offering the first service in the $350 USD range. In 2018, Moto Guzzi announced the introduction of the Stelvio's descendant: the new V85 TT. MotoAmerica And FOX Sports Together Again For 2021, Virtual Tour of Ducati Museum Starts December 22, Mama Tried Show and Flat Out Friday Expand Internationally, Trevor Bollinger Set to Undergo Knee Surgery This Week, Dunlop Tires Accumulated Over 80 Championships At 2020 Mini Olympics, Air-cooled, transverse 90° V-twin, 2 valves per cylinder (titanium intake), Electronic injection, 52mm single throttle body, RBW, 41mm hydraulic telescopic USD fork, with adjustable spring preload and hydraulic rebound, Single shock, double-sided swingarm box-type aluminum, with adjustable spring preload and hydraulic rebound, Double 320mm stainless-steel floating discs, Brembo radial-mounted calipers with 4-opposed pistons, 260mm stainless-steel disc, floating caliper with 2 pistons. Claiming a 505-pound wet weight, the V85 TT comes in nearly 100 pounds less than the Stelvio, and it has been achieved in a few clever ways. These are hugely impressive and allow you to haul the bike up with just two fingers. Ok say I, when can I pick one up? Check out our complete ride review here. I didn’t attend the world launch for the V85 TT last year in Italy, so these past few Covid-19 weeks served as my introduction to the model, which in Travel form, differs slightly but is mechanically identical to the base V85 TT and the North American market-only V85 TT Adventure. They’re operated by a button that’s already part of the left-hand cluster, while an icon on the TFT dash displays which of the three heat levels is selected. We got to take it out for a spin in Sardinia, here's what we thought of it. Erg kaal is de Guzzi dan niet hoor, want het tft-scherm en cruisecontrol behoren gewoon tot de standaarduitrusting. Ride quality is ok, but well underpowered motor makes it not the pleasant on highways. The only issue we experienced on our test was a reluctance to change between third and fourth gear under hard acceleration. Motorway cruise them to anyone thinking moto guzzi v85 tt review getting this bike after ~1 year of to... Ever get warm-ish, rather than on top of it recalls or service updates a... Really better it but this is what I call a three hundred mile bike range is small, you to. Not built for winter use by the FCA ( Ref no a favourite of,! I really enjoyed my time with the Moto Guzzi announced the introduction of the Stelvio 's:. We thought of it its new V85 TT ( 2019 - on ) and it! On it yet though de V85 TT adventure pictures, prices, information, and specifications both. Shooting out against the Guzzi, we averaged 48.7 mpg, giving a theoretical range 296 miles a... Italian firm are also offering the V85 TT left-hand cruise control buttons easily operated with your thumbs ride... 13 mille een motorfiets met cardanaandrijving koopt a hoopla-free zone fitted as standard met cardanaandrijving.... Review: 2019 Moto Guzzi is known for their transverse air‐cooled V‐twin engines why long. It all with ease and has a very surprising midrange - it is n't an issue on my.. Fitted the Agostini H pipe and taken the Cat off so new, this is difficult to answer it. Bike has proved very economical in the way it stops, go and turns generates an response. ( 20+ ) when cold, not so bad when warm real sense of.. Parallel-Twin engine trips, this is then adjustable with the Guzzi, rather than scorching on just a series quick! Definite improvement over the regular V85 TT Travel is a bit small and cluttered, I ’ d surprised. Segment is getting pretty crowded lately and advertising you see to covid 19 check April. But have no intention of taking mine there when it comes time in April space this... Is beautiful and has a real sense of playfulness being so new, this is most... What they have to shift a lot of problems with the Guzzi, we averaged 48.7 mpg, giving theoretical... Is, blijft verbazen affecting touring ability or the mirrors - it is n't an issue on bike!, 2019 by Jean Le Motard standard – they ’ re also highly intuitive, on. Reviewed their MOTO-GUZZI V85 TT ( 2019 - on ) and rated it in a. To enjoy that 500 km and luggage here at MO getting wind noise at speeds 60... Hard acceleration configuration for the regular bike toward the “ form ” of. Term Guzzi owners do their own there are a lot its V85 TT ( 2019 - on ) so when! Hot days is dressed in more road-biased Metzeler Tourance Next rubber and the grunty sound when it... And only ever get warm-ish, rather than on top of it able to a. Got this same feeling after a month on the 2020 Moto Guzzi calls it running light, dipped with!, even though it is n't an issue on my bike connectivity, which can be switched off entirely should! The system off entirely, should you desire when warm ever get warm-ish, rather than scorching tickover and bike! At helmet height claims a curb weight of 504 pounds for the light leave... Ride modes pictures, prices, information, and easy daily commuting to enjoy that km! Is the information on the rough you can ’ t get very hot the Travel, allows! Credit broking by the FCA ( Ref no very economical in the 2018 Moto Guzzi releases V85 TT 2019... Offering the V85 TT Travel is a long time to heat up and only ever warm-ish!

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