somali american community radio

Columbus has the second-largest concentration of Somali immigrants in the U.S., following Minneapolis, which has almost double the population. Efforts underway to counter misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines in St. Cloud’s Somali American community. KALY will help new immigrants navigate life in America with instruction on "how to communicate, how to order at a restaurant, talk to their landlord, how the system of education works, how the country works," he said. KALY-FM Radio offers programming that celebrates, educates and informs Somali and East African immigrants to preserve traditions, to improve lives and to engage productively as members of the communities we now call home. Prometheus Radio Project worked with the new station, operated by the nonprofit Somali American Community, to build the studio, install the broadcast equipment and train volunteers in its operation. •, "our mission Allied Media works with all Media outlets that reach out to the community. ‘This is a community-based radio station which will primarily seek to address itself to issues of common concern of our people,” Abdulrahman said. The station will provide basic information like weather updates as well as conversations about issues affecting the tens of thousands of Somali people in the state of Minnesota. As vaccine distribution continues, efforts underway to counter fears in St. Cloud’s Somali American community Mohayadin Mohamed knows firsthand the devastating impacts of the coronavirus. There are other ways to reach the station. Ali and the large Somali American community in Minnesota are coming to terms with news that one of their own may be the second American to die while fighting on the side of Islamic State militants. SOMALI STORY DEC 2019. GEORGE FLOYD. It is operated by the non-profit Somali American Community. pixel

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